We’re launching a new brand “C.M.” for the future service.

We’re launching a new brand “C.M.” and new logo in our future business instead of “gzcatherine”, “hbksl”, “gzCatherine-Moonyao”. In the mean time, we also change the main url to moonyao.com. Welcome to visit the site page with the new main url. And you can visit the site with the old url(gzcatherine.com),

  1. Launch “C.M.” as a new brand name.
  2. Launch a new logo for the brand “C.M.”.
  3. Select moonyao.com as the main domain name.
  4. Cancel “gzcatherine”, “hbksl” and “gzcatherine-moonyao” name.
  5. The domain name gzcatherine.com will be canceled in future step by step.

Any question, feel free to contact us.


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