Hey, here’s the “C.M.” time!

    A few months ago, we said that we would use a new brand name “C.M.” and a new logo for the future business.

    Now, here’s the “C.M.” time!

    In the mean time, we’ve also changed the official sitepage to .

    Thank you for your kind attention.


    Guangzhou C.M Fashion Garment

    Goodbye, the 123rd Canton Fair and meet you in the 124th.

    The 123rd Canton Fair was finished, yesterday.

    How about your journey?

    Hope you have a nice journey and find what you wanted.

    During that time, some guys came and visited our factory.

    Thank you for your coming.

    Our all company people always supply the high quality products and the satisfied service for all over the world.

    Let’s start the win-win business from here.

    Look forward to meeting you in the 124th Canton Fair, and any time.


    Best Regards,

    C.M. Garment



    How to get a quotation from C.M. Garment?

    You can get the catalog/quotation from the below way,


    You can call us directly for a catalog/quotation.
    Here’s the call number: Steven M/WhatsApp: +86 189 2432 5962


    You can send an inquiry to us and request a catalog/quotation online. Contact us


    Select your favorite designs and add to shopping cart.
    Then submit your request list online. Check my cart


    Any inquiry, feel free to contact us.


    C.M. Fashion

    Welcome to the 123rd Canton Fair

    Now it’s the time for the 123rd Canton Fair. Welcome to visit China and attend the Canton Fair.

    Here’s the schedule for the 123rd Canton Fair, as below,

    Phase 1 : April 15-19, 2018

    Electronics & Household Electrical AppliancesLighting EquipmentVehicles & Spare PartsMachineryHardware & ToolsEnergy + Resources Chemical ProductsBuilding MaterialsInternational

    PavilionPhase 2 : April 23-27, 2018

    Consumer GoodsGiftsHome Decorations

    Phase 3 : May 1- 5, 2018

    Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation ProductsMedical Devices and Health ProductsFoodShoesTextiles & GarmentsInternational Pavilion

    Pls. move the official page to buy the ticket and make your plan.

    If you need any help from us, pls. feel free to contact us.


    Best Regards,

    C.M. Fashion Garment

    We’re launching a new brand “C.M.” for the future service.

    We’re launching a new brand “C.M.” and new logo in our future business instead of “gzcatherine”, “hbksl”, “gzCatherine-Moonyao”. In the mean time, we also change the main url to Welcome to visit the site page with the new main url. And you can visit the site with the old url(,

    1. Launch “C.M.” as a new brand name.
    2. Launch a new logo for the brand “C.M.”.
    3. Select as the main domain name.
    4. Cancel “gzcatherine”, “hbksl” and “gzcatherine-moonyao” name.
    5. The domain name will be canceled in future step by step.

    Any question, feel free to contact us.


    Best Regards,

    C.M. Fashion Garment